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Do you like to play games in computer? It’s a big YES from majority of the people.

There are many followers and fans for computer games. They always keep trying and attempting new games. There is no age criteria for playing computer games. May be the games are different for each genre otherwise everyone are playing. Both toddlers and adults are equally addicted to the computer games. After winning the game, player boast their high points to their friends and feels happy about that. And the other player starts playing to compete. Sometimes parents engage children with computer games while doing their chores.

Players views on Computer games


  • They say that it keeps them occupied without getting bored.”It helps in to improve hand-eye coordination and motor skillsIt helps them to solve logical problems.
  • There are some negative comments too that it will spoil the kids brain development. As a contradictory to this statement, some scientists say that it makes the kids smart.

Evolution of Computer Game

Though technically, first interactive electronic game was introduced in 1947 to 1950, the space war game, by Steve Russell introduced in 1962 is said to be the first game ever that received many responses. It is a space craft game, having two space ships moving without colliding with stars. This game ran under Platform PDP-1.The next game Pong was introduced in 1973, 11 years after space war. After that, gradually some more games were introduced at decent interval. There are many types of computer games like video games, console games and arcade games. Video games and console games should be connected to TV whereas arcade game is played in a computer. (Imagine the size of the computer in 1970’s)Progressively, demand for computer games increased. New software and new technology emerged to satisfy the hunger of gamers. Huge competition raised between the gaming companies. New interesting games came to the Market. By that time, mobile phones came in to market. To make the competition more interesting, gaming companies and mobile phone companies collaborated to bring the games in phone. So now games can be played anywhere and at any time. It is no more computer games now, it is mobile games. After more than 50 years of computer games, now we have advanced technology, new software and interesting games reigning the industry.


Computer games today

Now everyone are interested in playing games from kids to toddlers to students to elders. There is no categorization.  A wide range of computer games came to the market with different kinds of genre. You can select the game according to your interest. Wide range of genre like stunt, puzzle, racing, card games, cooking etc.


  • Stunt games:
  • Sports games
  • Racing games
  • Athletic games
  • Puzzles
  • Dress-up games
  • Talking software games
  • Gender based games
  • Cooking
  • Virtual games

Features of today’s computer games


Computer games become popular not only for genre, it is also for their user-friendly software. 3D games became popular, because player can relate himself in the game. And also, some games can be played by more than 1 player. So the game becomes interactive.Interesting methods and features adapted in the game.There is a wide choice in selecting the games.It can be downloaded easily in the software.So many cost-free games available in the store.Players can afford the game, there are some online games which is absolutely free of charge.Computer games are designed with interesting concepts and methods.When player fights in game and wins, he is happy that he has defeated someone. Directly or indirectly, player is checking his mental and physical abilities.

Computer Game tomorrow

  • Further going, highly advanced software will be designed.Advanced graphics and animation will bring the realism before hands.Definitely more genre will be introduced with the then on-going current trends.Not only gaming, it will bring some real sense.

  • Gaming with educative and informative people.

The gaming industry should always have a good creative thinking and wide imaginary. It should cover all the genre and satisfy the player with new products. Gaming software should be updated regularly.  To be in this competitive industry, the gaming company should be updated with current trends. To be updated with current trends and tools, IGDA (International game developers Association) membership help Cod Black ops 3 hacks.

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